Hi my name is Dawn

My Interests

Software Development

I'm doing software development for a few years now with a primary interest in C-based languages. This means shit like C#, C++, and Rust are my primary fields of interest while developing. I also enjoy Python for smaller scriptlets and have tinkered with JavaScript but they are definitely not my main expertise.


DevOps is a central part of my life at the moment since it's my job. I have a huge interest in optimizing the general workflow for developers and streamlining their day-to-day life. This includes working on remote development environments and building complex CI/CD pipelines as well as product lifecycle management and tracking bugs during rollout.


My dad was an electrical engineer so I grew up in a household where I could smell the lead from solder far away. From a young age I started tinkering with electronics and soldering and solder has pretty much been flowing in my blood since I'm around 14 years old. 


I have a profound interest in the penetration testing side of DevOps engineering, including automated pen-testing and exploit validation. This also includes me hacking various things into doing things they never were meant to do, like hacking a smart home controller fob into a door opener for example.

Stuff I Made


This was a content detection platform that I lead in development. This project was funded by German's Prototypefund but sadly we could not find investors to keep the project going. The core idea was developing one of if not the first open source content detection platforms with ethics and cultural viewpoints in mind.


Gerstner Grass Shader

This is a little project I worked on for fun. Essentially all this does is apply Gerstner waves to a normal grass shader that's reactive. The interesting part about this is essentially just that you can create nice wavy-looking grass by applying a shader that's usually just meant to do things like fluid simulations. This idea came up to me when I saw that grass acts a bit like a fluid in a large field of grass.

My Ender 3

I bought this Ender-3 in 2019, so pre covid. Basically tinked around with it during the entire pandemic. I returned to a stock setup for now, but I did a lot of things, from installing a custom motherboard, messing around with automated continuous printing, or doing things like buying weird hotends (I still have a ceramic heat choke hot-end laying around that I want to work on getting working properly). I essentially just love tinkering with electronics like this and seeing how far I can push them

ESP32 based door opening system

So I found this smart remote called an "omni fob" generally speaking, it's meant to start your car or open your garage door or control smart things stuff from amazon. But my issue is this: I would like to open my door with it but there is no way to do this easily without creating my own door opening system that integrates with one of their "supported" systems. So that's what I'm doing. Building a door opener based on an ESP32. Meant to be easy to setup up and use.

Publications / Texts I worked on to publish

Open Source Philosophy - Pamaxie

An article where I talk about the open-source philosophy that I used for my project Pamaxie.

Pamaxie - Closing Report

This is not yet publically available since it's still being worked on for publishing. I have added the link and it may become available there once published. If you want a version of this report feel free to reach out to me over social media! 

Read more about my life on my blog